Swiss Ladies Society

The Swiss Ladies Society was founded in 1962 as a social group for women in the San Diego County Swiss Club. We meet monthly, except for the summer months of July and August.

We meet on the first Tuesday in September at the Swiss Club to set up a calendar of the events for the following months. In November and June we gather for a potluck luncheon at the Swiss Club. Other months we meet for lunch the first Tuesday in the month at a local restaurant.

Husbands and guests are always welcome to join us. If you would like to learn more about the Swiss Ladies Society or become a member, please contact the president, Christina Zeller at 239-464-5926 or by e-mail at

2016 and 2017 Swiss Ladies Calendar 1
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2015 and 2016 Swiss Ladies Schedule 1
2015 and 2016 Swiss Ladies Schedule 2

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Christina Zeller

Swiss Athletic Society

The San Diego Swiss Rifle Team was established in 1984 under the leadership of Walter Niederberger. The Los Angeles Rifle Team was kind enough to give us 3 Karabieners (rifles) to get us started. We began with only four members on the team. A few years later we were able to acquire several more rifles from the Swiss Government along with ammunition.

In the beginning our scores on that target were very low; but over time improved. We compete once a month at the Dulzura Shooting Range with two competitions in Los Angeles. After the competition we have lunch and further our camaraderie. At the present time we have ten members on our team.

The Swiss Shooters meet the second Saturday of each month. We specialize in shooting with a Swiss Carabine and we always conclude our events with a cold one and some good food.

At the moment our team is full but we will be happy to put you on our waiting list.

For more information contact:

Ruedi Lusti